The Amplify Program

  • The Amplify program delivers a significantly higher return on investment than member companies’ own efforts.
  • Market insights acquisition is one of the values derived from the Amplify program.
  • The Amplify program helps establish a robust network of supportive entities and individuals.
  • Market visibility is enhanced through the Amplify program.
  • Investment expenses are reduced through the Amplify program, including time, funding, and resources.
  • The Amplify program helps optimize opportunities through the development of a robust pipeline.
  • Effective positioning for securing partnerships or acquiring customers is achieved through the Amplify program.


The Amplifier program unites diverse technology companies with varying objectives, challenges, customers, partners, products, and services. The program offers customized support to each participating company through tailored corporate, marketing, and sales initiatives. This support includes boot camps in Corporate and Business Development, trade missions, networking events, scale-up gamification, and selective trade shows. The program also grants participating companies access to experienced industry mentors who serve as sounding boards for Corporate and Business Development matters and participate in pitch events. These mentors also play a crucial role in networking opportunities and introductions to corporations for PoCs and partnerships.

Informed Decisions

The Amplifiy program grants participating companies access to performance metrics and industry-related market information. It enables them to decide on their focus market segments, target audience location, approach, sales, and distribution strategies. The program further assists participating companies by offering tailored logistical and distribution solutions. The Amplify program also offers practical support by increasing networking opportunities through trade shows and missions, providing leadership opportunities in industry and business events, and serving as a trusted advisor for the participating companies on their go-to-market strategies and activities in the US. Some companies may reap greater benefits from participating in larger trade shows, while others may benefit more from participating in industry and regional events.

Soft-landing Programs

Some participating companies require assistance incorporating and may benefit from participating in soft-landing programs. The Amplifiy program assists these companies in selecting appropriate soft-landing programs and corporate structures to enhance their visibility to potential customers and access to networking resources. By forming a cluster within a specific soft-landing program, companies that take part can get more out of working together, getting more help from local agencies, and making practical and business networks. Soft-Landing programs also provide valuable market information and help companies locate closer to their target customer base.

Corporate Development

The Amplify program provides commercial development support to help build networks with potential partners and customers and develop these relationships. International expansion often raises concerns or neglects legal liability, particularly when entering agreements. Addressing these legal and financial reporting and taxation issues in corporate development is crucial, especially when conducting business. The effectiveness of the Amplifiy program is evaluated based on commercial milestones, particularly finding and securing the first key customer in a timely manner. The pro- gram supports participating companies in this business development process through networking and communication management activities, including emailing, calling, and other networking tools

Webinars, Pitch Events, and Networking Events

The Amplify program supports international expansion and growth by providing member companies opportunities to expand their network of potential financial partners through webinars, pitch events, and networking events. These events also enhance their knowledge of how to attract outside investments. Effective stakeholder management is crucial crucial maintaining the Amplify program, including internal reporting activities, newsletters, social media communication, monitoring market trends and government initiatives, informing and supporting external partners and relations, and representing the Amplifier community at events, conferences, and tradeshows.

Partnerships and PoC’s

The Amplify program also promotes the success of start-ups and scale-ups by forming partnerships and sharing information and support with other organizations in the industry. For the Amplify program to achieve its goals, it must amplify the efforts of various international organizations working in the technology sector. The program’s success depends on amplifying the efforts of various organizations in the technology sector.

The Team

Marcel Verheijen
Co-founder of the Amplify Platform, Senior Business Developer focusing on Deep Tech, Smart Everything, and eMobility, Technology Strategist, Mentor for Start-Ups and Scale-Ups, GTM Strategy Expert, and Board Member.

Silicon Valley, USA

Frans Meuwissen
Co-founder of the Amplify platform, Sales & Marketing Executive Delivering
Growth in Business Development, Data Integration, and Workflow Automation.

Washington DC, USA

Alex Smit
Business Growth Acceleration & Fast Market Entry in Europe.

The Hague, The Netherlands

Pui San Tam
Bridging Europe and Silicon Valley | Connecting Diverse Communities

San Francisco, USA

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