About the Platform


Flow of The Amplify Playform
  • In-person immersive sessions
  • Information-sharing sessions
  • Insights from industry insiders
  • Access to market information
  • Exploration of regulatory compliance
  • Development of fundraising strategies
  • Marketing discussions
  • Organized trade missions
  • Networking events
  • Personalized strategy mentoring
  • Elements fostering adaptation and success in new territories
  • Outpost as a service
  • Legal Liability Considerations
  • International Financial Reporting
  • Corporate Development for Concern Mitigation
  • Optimal Location Incorporation
  • Participation in Appropriate Soft-Landing Programs
  • Staff Recruitment Following Local Legislation
  • Risk and Legal Exposure Minimization
  • Compliance with Business Reporting Standards
  • Financially, Strategic Expansion Planning

Aligning Business Development with Market Needs and Global Customer Expectations

  • Market Analysis
  • Preliminary Contact Initiatives
  • Customer and Partner Onboarding
  • Pipeline Growth and Sales Oversight
  • Scale-Up and Proof-of-Concept Management
  • Brand and Quality Standard Governance
  • Serves as Interim Subsidiary or Ramp-Up Team
  • Complete Solution Prior to Full Staffing

The Amplify Platform: Think Tank for Globalizers

> How Can You Amplify Your Successes In Your Home Market On A Global Stage? The Amplify Platform Is Where Your Business Challenges Meet Insights. <


Meet the Team

Marcel Verheijen
Co-founder of the Amplify Platform, Senior Business Developer

Silicon Valley, USA

Frans Meuwissen
Co-founder of the Amplify Platform, Sales & Marketing Executive

Washington, DC, USA

Alex Smit
Co-founder of the Amplify Platform, European Business Development

The Hague, NL 

Pui San Tam
Bridging Europe and Silicon Valley | Connecting Diverse Communities

San Francisco, USA 

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