About the Programs

❯ Businesses join Amplify to address various questions, including challenges unique to their industry and solutions.  The Amplify Platform allows them to absorb solutions to common challenges and also master approaches to their unique challenges. ❮

The Amplify Program

The Amplify Platform can assist you with three different programs:

What is Amplify and an incubator?

An incubator supports early-stage startups through mentoring, resources, and funding, focusing on gradual growth. In contrast, the Amplify Platform specializes in quickly taking enterprises global with immediate international expansion possibilities, handling complex challenges for rapid development. Unlike incubators, Amplify ensures global success by providing hands-on services such as business development, warm introductions, and legal setup rather than simply offering a fit-all support approach for the companies that join the platform.

Our bespoke program empowers companies to navigate new territories by providing insights into their industry and guiding them in overcome challenges. Through immersive in-person sessions, information sharing, industry insider insights, market information, trade missions, networking events, and personalized strategy mentoring, participants gain valuable knowledge and tools to organize themselves effectively.

Our Program
For Startups

The Amplify Platform offers valuable resources tailored to both globalizers and startups. Upon evaluating your specific needs, our startup program is tailored to suit your needs. 

Amplify’s core competency lies in comprehending international market navigation. Through our program, we provide customized support by analyzing key variables and devising a strategic roadmap to achieve market success.

The Startup program delivers your first successes and repeatable sales and marketing processes.

Our Corporate Development Support

Expanding your business internationally can be a transformative step. However, it comes with unique challenges. Effective corporate development support plays a key role in navigating these complexities. But what does this involve?

When you enter global markets, legal liabilities are a major concern. Corporate development support ensures compliance with local laws. This helps in avoiding costly legal pitfalls. How can your business stay legally compliant?

Corporate development is more than just a support function. It’s a strategic partner in your international journey. From identifying potential risks to providing solutions, it plays a pivotal role. Are you leveraging corporate development effectively?

Global expansion is an exciting, yet complex, venture. With the right corporate development support, you can overcome legal and financial hurdles. This ensures a smoother and more successful international journey. Isn’t it time to consider how corporate development support can help your business?

Domestic and Global Market Demands

For any organization, aligning with both domestic and new market demands is crucial. The challenge intensifies for expanding companies. How do they efficiently manage this balance?

Finding the right resources to meet growing demands is tough, especially in competitive labor markets. Business development support is essential in such scenarios. What makes resource allocation so critical?

The Amplify Platform ensures your brand and quality standards are never compromised. It serves as a comprehensive solution, adaptable to your needs. It can function as a subsidiary or a temporary team. Why is maintaining brand control vital for expansion?

In conclusion, the Amplify Platform stands out as an invaluable ally for market expansion. Whether you need a temporary team or a long-term partner, it offers tailored business development support. Isn’t it time to explore how the Amplify Platform can elevate your business growth?

How do I choose?

Think of selecting a program like walking into a buffet. You’re not locked into one choice; instead, you have the freedom to mix and match what suits you best. It’s all about what your company needs at its current stage. Whether you’re a rapidly growing startup or an established business expanding globally, your needs are unique. This is especially true when you’re venturing into new markets, which might be quite different from your home base. That’s the beauty of our platform—it’s like having a tailor who crafts a program specifically for you.

Customization for Startups: Imagine you’re at the helm of a startup. You’re focusing on building your brand and expanding your customer base. Our program can be tailored to emphasize these aspects, offering tools and insights specifically geared towards brand development and market outreach.

Growth Strategies for Scale-ups: Now, picture your business in its growth phase. You’re scaling up, looking for strategies to manage this rapid expansion. Here, our program adapts to focus on areas like operational scaling, advanced market analysis, and team leadership development.

Global Expansion for Established Companies: If your company is well-established and eyeing global markets, your needs differ vastly. You’ll be looking at the nuances of international business, cultural adaptability, and localized marketing strategies. Our program molds itself to address these international nuances, providing guidance specific to the territories you’re targeting.

Diverse Market Adaptation: Finally, let’s say you’re branching into a market that’s culturally and economically different from your home territory. Our program doesn’t just give generic advice; it delves into the specifics of your new market, offering insights on local consumer behavior, regulatory environments, and effective communication strategies.

The Process

The process for three different programs

Joining the Amplify Program means working with us on a program that consists of in-person meetings, virtual events, immersion days, and trade missions with industry peers. These peers may come from different regions of the world. 

The Corporate Program is a bespoke process tailored around your objectives, needs and time constraints. This “Subsidiary- in-a-Box” program is managed as a project, with clear deliverables and time commitments. In partnership with Amplify, you will identify the scope of the incorporation, fundraising, IT topics, HR requirements, and/or compliance deliverables and maintain control over the project.

The Business Development program provides you with your Remote Sales team, covering inside and outside sales and direct marketing campaigns. This program helps you identify target customers in target territories, initiate sales activities and maintain managerial control over sales deliverables and customers.

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