About the Programs

The Amplify Program

The Amplify Platform can assist you with three different programs:

The Amplify Program:
Our 12-month program empowers companies to navigate new territories by providing insights into their industry and guiding them in overcoming challenges. Through immersive in-person sessions, information sharing, industry insider insights, market information, trade missions, networking events, and personalized Strategy Mentoring, participants gain valuable knowledge and tools to organize themselves effectively.

Corporate Development Support: Expanding internationally brings about concerns regarding legal liability and financial reporting obligations. It is vital to address these issues when engaging in corporate development, particularly when conducting business abroad. Within the Corporate Development Support you can ensure proper incorporation in the appropriate jurisdiction, take advantage of suitable Soft-Landing programs, recruit personnel, minimize legal risks, fulfill business reporting obligations, and structure your expansion in alignment with your strategic and financial objectives.

Business Development Support: For any organization, striking a balance between the requirements of the domestic market and the demands of new customers can be challenging. Expanding companies face the difficulty of sourcing appropriate resources to meet the increasing demand, particularly in competitive labor markets. The Amplify Platform offers a solution by providing access to its internal business development team, facilitating pipeline development, sales management, and customer engagement. This allows you to maintain control over your brand and quality standards. The Amplify Platform can serve as a comprehensive solution, functioning as a ready-made subsidiary or as a temporary ramp-up team until you establish your own dedicated workforce.

The Process

The process for three different programs

Joining the Amplify Program means committing to a year-long program that consists of in-person meetings, virtual events, immersion days, and trade missions with industry peers. These peers may come from different regions of the world. 

The Corporate Program is a bespoke process tailored around your objectives, needs and time constraints. This “Subsidiary- in-a-Box” program is managed as a project, with clear deliverables and time commitments. In partnership with Amplify, you will identify the scope of the incorporation, fundraising, IT topics, HR requirements, and/or compliance deliverables and maintain control over the project.

The Business Development program provides you with your Remote Sales team, covering inside and outside sales and direct marketing campaigns. This program helps you identify target customers in target territories, initiate sales activities and maintain managerial control over sales deliverables and customers.

❯ Businesses join Amplify to address various questions, including challenges unique to their industry and solutions.  The Amplify Platform allows them to absorb solutions to common challenges and also master approaches to their unique challenges. ❮

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