Amplify and Investors working together

Startups have exciting potential, but monetary obstacles frequently stand in the way. According to a 101-startup research, almost 90% of firms fail for a variety of reasons, with 29% failing for lack of finance. As a result, effective financial management, such as optimizing cash flow and strategic planning, is essential for survival. Poor financial management, unanticipated costs, and poor planning can quickly destroy a business that would otherwise be successful. We work with investors to financially support startups, creating a solid foundation for your competitive business.

We’re deeply committed to empowering startups and scale-ups for positive global impact. Primarily, our objective is to facilitate their global success and amplify their reach. To achieve this, we initiate a comprehensive Readiness Assessment, focusing on key elements like market readiness, product maturity, and growth prospects.

After the assessment, we engage with these early-stage companies to formulate strategies for optimal growth and global expansion. Specifically, we offer customized guidance on market penetration, product evolution, fundraising, and brand strengthening. Ultimately, our goal is to help startups and scale-ups navigate hurdles and seize growth opportunities effectively.

Why Investors benefit with Amplify

At Amplify, we offer flexible, bespoke programs designed to meet startups’ dynamic requirements. Ranging from 26 to 78 weeks, our programs come with a fixed monthly fee, covering personalized mentoring, guidance, and support. Bolstered by a team proficient in startup challenges, we establish strong investor partnerships for a seamless experience. Ultimately, our mission is to enable startups to thrive, while amplifying their positive societal impact.

To help entrepreneurs and investors succeed, we enter into an agreement with the startup’s leadership and the funding party to set aside a portion of the investment for the Amplify program. Developing this trusted relationship throughout the program allows Amplify to report to investors on a frequent basis, maintain clear and open communication, and constantly monitor the roadmap and objectives. We provide the freedom to change or remove options as needed to correspond with the startup’s and investors’ aims. Alignment updates are shared on a biweekly basis or as needed. If necessary, we can arrange for a program extension to provide ongoing support beyond the initial duration.

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