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Global Expansion - We help you balance your domestic and international business needs,

Speeding Up Global Expansion At Amplify, we’re passionate about accelerating and overseeing your global growth. Balancing domestic and international demands is often tricky for small businesses. That’s where we come in.

Our Expert Team Our seasoned Business Development Executives specialize in various sectors, from IT and eMobility to Cyber Security and AgTech. Whether you’re in Circularity, hardware, or software, we’re here to drive your global expansion.

Structured Growth Approach We pride ourselves on our systematic approach to growth. We deliver precious market insights, business development, and corporate development opportunities tailored to your needs.

Your Ground Team: “Operating Company in a Box” Think of our “Operating Company in a Box” service as your personal team on foreign soil. We’re here to save you both time and money, ensuring your growth is seamless and efficient.

Partnerships for Overseas Growth Partnering with international trade groups and investors, Amplify offers training, mentorship, and resources, all designed to boost your business on a global scale.

Amplify Now your Global Expansion

Dive into the Amplify Program

Tailored Support for Your Company The Amplify programs are dedicated to aiding company-specific programs. Our focus? Is streamlining corporate development and business development processes.

Engage, learn, and network. Through work shops, trade missions, networking events, and tradeshows, we provide platforms to foster growth and connections.

Mentorship for Success Businesses in our program gain access to esteemed industry mentors. They offer invaluable feedback and expansive networking opportunities.

Data-Driven Insights But it’s not just about connections. Amplify equips companies with crucial performance metrics and market insights. These tools help pinpoint target market segments, prime locations, and effective sales strategies.

Global Expansion - Dive into the Amplify Program

How Global Expansion Works

Global Expansion - Amplify your Globalization

The platform, designed precisely to cater to the unique demands of growing and rapidly expanding enterprises, culminates in collaborative efforts between public agencies and top-tier private corporations. Unlike traditional incubators that emphasize incremental growth, Amplify is tailored to fast-track businesses straight into the global arena. We offer specialized services, including business development, warm introductions, and comprehensive legal setup, moving beyond the limitations of generic solutions. Don’t let your business be just another startup. Elevate with Amplify!

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