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Choosing the right trajectory for you.

Do you want a comprehensive approach to the new market and do you seek to benefit from access to industry experts, insights and mentors in order to set up a successful and well managed subsidiary?

Then the Amply program is the trajectory for you.  With the Amplify program, you will have access to all the tools and insights needed to set up your own subsidiary and manage it comprehensively.

Do you need help incorporating and setting up your business in the new market?

Then the Corporate Development program may be a good fit for you.  With this program, you will be able to:

● Start building an in-house team and support them with appropriate policies and benefits.
● Pick a soft-landing program to participate in
● Select a lawyer and an accountant to address liability and taxation topics
● Address IT assessment and optimization projects
● Manage your company towards further investments and build out a network of potential investors

Do you have some opportunities in new markets, but aren’t sure yet how to best develop them?

Then the Business Development program may be the trajectory for you. With this service package, the Amplify team will function as your Business Development team, complete with your branding and utilizing your tools as you see fit. The team will build out your pipeline of partners and customers, manage distribution, and partner closely with you to share insights and status updates.

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