How the Application Process Works

After reviewing your expectations, products, and company development, we can discuss joining the Amplify Start-up Program. Our tailored programs are ideal for scale-ups looking to organize, strategize, and prioritize their global expansion efforts in specific industries or business models.

Readiness Assessment Interview
Our team believes in the potential of scale-ups to drive positive change. We support their global success and impact through a reliable Readiness Assessment Interview that rates results as Red, Yellow, or Green. We then discuss optimal strategies for growth and international success based on the assessment outcome.

Choose Program(s)
Our team’s distinctive method incorporates crucial factors for developing a Go To Market strategy, drawing on our experience and industry mentors’ insights.

The Amplify Platform offers support through three programs:
Amplify Program
Corporate Development
Business Development

Sign Contracts
We aim to secure a co-signed contract with the startup’s investor and keep both parties informed of progress and next steps. The program menu can be modified or deleted to align with goals, and an extension can be arranged if necessary. The program is flexible to accommodate necessary

How the Application Process Works

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