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Establish and execute a plan for accelerating international growth

We will establish an accelerator plan for European startups and scaleups with investors with a stake in the game. Under this plan, the investor will invest in a start/scaleup and allocate at least 50K for a six-month acceleration period.

The Accelerator will leverage a network of mentors through its A2MC (Access-to-Market Champions) model. This model includes a USA Readiness Assessment, reported to the investor, and the start/scaleup. The assessment’s objective is to ensure that the start/scaleup is poised to succeed in the US market.

Each scaleup will be assigned a mentor with a background in their strategic focus area. Our mentors are seasoned Access-to-Market leaders focusing on growth strategies, marketing, and new business development. They will connect the start/scaleup with US-based customers, prioritizing deal-making and establishing long-term relationships.

We will create an acceleration plan with the scaleup outlining target markets and customers. The mentor will introduce the scaleup to US-based customers and set up sales meetings, strongly emphasizing closing deals.
Mentors will be compensated with hourly or project-based fees through the earmarked budget.

In the future, we aim to offer an “outpost as a service” model, providing secure servers for mail scanning and distribution, phone answering and forwarding, office suites, conference rooms, and flexible workstations.

Go-To-Markey Advisory
By leveraging Access-2-Market mentors funded by investors, the Accelerator fosters strategic partnerships between Startups, and Scaleups, and US businesses. Companies seeking to expand their reach can join the Accelerator’s portfolio.

Startups and scaleups must make split-second decisions that can have long-lasting impacts. Rapid growth requires alignment within the organization, and when resources are tight, it’s essential to avoid wasting time and money. Misaligned teams can work from different playbooks and risk slowing down the company’s momentum.

To avoid these pitfalls, startups, and scaleups can rely on an internationally experienced team with decades of experience and first-hand knowledge of working with start/scaleups in the United States. We assist and guide the start/scaleup through starting or expanding their business in the United States, tailoring our services to meet their needs in the US market.

One of our core services is developing a Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy for the startup/scaleup company. The GTM Strategy is designed to ensure that potential customers understand the product or service’s value before engaging with the startup/scaleup. With a GTM strategy, reaching the correct audience with the right message becomes easier.

We work with startups/scaleups to identify the most promising market opportunities and define their ideal customer profile. We then craft a messaging strategy that resonates with the target audience and helps differentiate the startup/scaleup from competitors. Our team also guides pricing, distribution channels, and customer acquisition tactics.

Through our expertise and guidance, we help startups/scaleups build strong foundations that set them up for long-term success. By aligning their teams and creating a clear GTM strategy, startups/scaleups can make informed decisions and avoid costly missteps as they grow their business in the United States.

The Accelerator facilitates business partnerships between startups and scaleups with companies in the USA. Businesses seeking to expand can participate in the accelerator’s portfolio. The model operates by utilizing Access-2-Market mentors.

Mentors will deeply understand growth strategies, marketing, and new business development. They will guide how to approach potential customers and investors, navigate the complex U.S. business landscape, and create meaningful partnerships. Mentors will work with the start/scaleup to identify the best market opportunities and create a targeted strategy to help them achieve their goals.

The Amplify program emphasizes the importance of a solid mentor-mentee relationship. Startups will have access to mentors with a background in their specific industry who can provide tailored advice and support. The program will also connect startups with a broader network of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders who can provide valuable insights and connections.

In addition to providing guidance and support, mentors will also assist startups in building solid and effective teams. They will help startups identify and attract top talent, guide hiring and training, and create a culture of innovation and collaboration.

The Amplify program recognizes that startups are constantly evolving and adapting to changing market conditions. Mentors will work with startups to regularly reassess their strategies and pivot as needed. They will provide ongoing support and guidance as startups grow and scale, helping them navigate the challenges and opportunities of the U.S. market.

Fact-finding Missions Support
Guided delegation visits called Fact Finding Missions to provide European experts with valuable insights into market opportunities and technologies, which they can leverage in their next steps of the Amplify program.

The Amplifyer offers guided delegation visits called Fact Finding Missions to provide European experts with insights into market opportunities and technologies, which they can use to advance their next steps. During the mission, various activities can be done to maximize the learning and networking opportunities for the participants.

The launch event of the mission can be organized and moderated by the Amplifyer team. Invited speakers can give lectures and presentations on current developments that may be relevant to the group, providing valuable insights and inspiration for the delegation.
Small groups, preferably from one company or vertical, can be formed to ensure that the discussions and visits are tailored to the participant’s interests and needs. For example, a renewable energy or A.I. group can be formed to explore the latest trends and opportunities in those areas.

During the mission, the delegation can visit various facilities, government bodies, and universities to understand the market and technology landscape better. It will give them valuable insights into how things work in the U.S. and help them identify potential partners or customers.

The mission also allows start/scale-ups to present their products and services and establish new contacts. It can be done through networking events or targeted meetings with potential partners or customers.
The Amplifyer team will accompany the delegation during the trip to ensure everything runs smoothly. The team will also take care of participant management and travel booking for the delegation, leaving the participants free to focus on the mission’s objectives.

Furthermore, the team will identify and approach U.S. companies interested in working with the Amplifyer program market through mailings, newsletters, and other marketing efforts. It will help the participants make valuable connections and identify new business opportunities.

Overall, the Fact-Finding missions are an excellent way for European experts to gain insights into the U.S. market and technologies and use this knowledge to advance their next steps in the Amplify program. The carefully planned and executed activities during the mission will ensure the participants gain maximum value and return on their investment.

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