Can A Foreign Company Be The Owner Of A US LLC Or Corporation?

U.S. LLC or Corporation

Absolutely, a foreign company can own either a U.S. LLC or corporation. The US permits foreign entities to create and possess businesses within its borders.

For LLCs, generally, no foreign ownership restrictions apply. The LLC can have multiple members, including individuals, corporations, or other LLCs. Foreign entities can solely or partially own a US LLC.

Certainly, in the case of an LLC, your foreign company can serve as the “managing member” rather than an individual. If you opt for a corporation, you can designate individual “directors” during registration. Note that directors don’t own the corporation; it’s the shareholders who do. Therefore, your foreign company can own 100% of a US corporation.

Foreign companies can own US corporations through stock shares. US and state regulations may require licenses or approvals for foreign ownership. Note that rules, reporting, and taxes can vary by state, business type, and owner nationality.

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