What programs does Amplify offer?

Corporate Development.
The Corporate Development program equips you with essential resources to elevate your business. We assist in location selection, Soft-Landing programs, and staff hiring. Our team manages your legal needs and ensures compliance with business reporting. We also tailor your expansion to meet your strategic and financial objectives. This program instills confidence for your business’s long-term success.

Business Development.
In this program, the Amplify team becomes your committed Business Development team. First, we collaborate closely to grasp your brand, employing your chosen tools and methods. Next, we actively construct your sales pipeline and finalize deals with partners and customers. Additionally, we adeptly handle distribution channels. Lastly, we offer consistent updates on both progress and newly acquired insights. Thus, you can rely on us as your dependable partner for achieving your business development objectives.

Amplify program.
The Amplify program adopts a meticulous and strategic method for market entry and success. We offer immersive in-person sessions and create opportunities for information sharing. Additionally, we provide expert industry insights and conduct comprehensive market research. Furthermore, we explore regulatory compliance necessities and develop fundraising strategies. We also engage in marketing discussions, arrange trade missions, and host networking events. Lastly, we offer individualized strategy mentoring. Collectively, these resources empower you to navigate market complexities and achieve your business goals.

Startup program.
Initially, the Amplify Platform delivers customized resources ideal for both Globalizers and Startups. After assessing your unique needs, we may recommend our Startup program, especially if you face organizational challenges. Importantly, Amplify excels in understanding international market navigation.Subsequently, we offer personalized support by scrutinizing critical variables. Next, we craft a strategic roadmap aimed at achieving market success. Lastly, the Startup Program serves as a vital element within the Amplify Program.


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