Help for fact-finding missions involves what exactly?

Join Amplify’s various programs and take advantage of our Fact Finding Missions to explore market opportunities and technologies. Our aim is to advance your next commercial steps, and we achieve this through organizing and moderating events, providing valuable content with invited speakers, and forming groups based on interests and needs, such as renewable energy, A.I. AgTech, Circularity, and more. During these missions, we take delegations to various facilities, government bodies, and universities, offering a better understanding of the U.S. market and competitive landscape.

Globalizers can present their products and services and establish new contacts, while we take care of participant management and travel booking. We also identify U.S. companies interested in working with the program and help participants make valuable connections, identifying new business opportunities. Overall, these missions are an excellent way for Globalizers to gain insights and maximize their return on investment. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity – sign up for our Fact Finding Missions today!

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